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okay, I think I need to call it a night

I feel like I’ve been going nonstop since 7 this morning and I’m pretty sure I caught a combination head-chest cold within the past couple of days

I’ll write that paper in the morning and after second period and hopefully get it done before/by 3 pm tomorrow


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What the fuck? - IF/THEN

"Listening to Idina sing, you can’t help but feel her joy and her openness.” - James Snyder

"You can write songs that ask her to do things that most mortals can’t do.” - Brian Yorkey

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get to know me meme[2/6] favorite on-stage actresses → idina menzel


Behind the Gif: Dogs (An Audio Adaptation)


Anonymous asked:

Could you voice act MitochondriaIsThePowerhouseOfTheCell’s first “Behind the gif” comic? The one with the dogs?

Yeah, okay.  If you haven’t seen this comic already, you can read along here.


Anonymous said:

Have you done a dramatic reading of “the chicken nugger” post?


Now I have.


Anonymous said:

Do you think you’ll be able to read some of the famously-crappy creepypastas (“who was phone,” “and then a skeleton popped out,” etc) as Goofy attempting to tell scary stories to his son, Max? Bonus points if Goofy winds up terrified by telling them.


I’ll take any excuse really to read a bad creepypasta.

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Fan man video as a tribute to “It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia”

I created all the character artwork.

This needs a thousand more notes, pronto. This is delightful.

You want some? No…

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